Litchfield Lacrosse Association is a non-profit lacrosse sports development league for youth in Litchfield, New Hampshire, and a member of the state youth league: NHYLA


CHS Projects

Sophomore Projects - Due to the timing of the lacrosse season, the LLA will not be able to approve Sophomore projects unless they are done Freshmen year.  CHS requires that project hours (outside of writing the summary) are completed by March 31st of Sophomore year and therefore the hours required can not be met during Sophomore year with the season starting around March 1st.  Freshmen need to present, and will be considered for approval, at the March meeting only and should have all the pre-requisite approvals from CHS before presenting.


Senior Projects - The board will review all requests and accept a minimal amount of Senior projects.  Senior projects must have board member sponsor and must be approved at September meeting, and must be able to be completed by April 30 (or in prior year). 


Please recognize that the LLA takes the sponsorship of these projects seriously and will require communication and periodic updates to ensure that the proper level of commitment is being followed and attained.